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Orders of $55 and over ship free - no code required!
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Big Gift Energy Bundle
Queer Candle Co.

Big Gift Energy Bundle

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We've curated three different bundles that each include a 16 oz candle and a reed diffuser, all with scents that compliment one another. They're the perfect gift for anyone who recently moved, or who's working from home - these babies will keep their homes smelling fresh and cozy throughout the new year!

Bundle Options: 

Basil & Amber diffuser + Lavender candle

Dark Plum diffuser + Sea Salt & Orchid candle

Winter Spruce diffuser + Peppermint & Eucalyptus candle

Basil & Amber scent profile:

  • Sweet amber highlights with musky, salty undertones
  • Soothing and grounding
  • A newage masculine scent 

Dark Plum:

  • Notes of citrus and black cherry brighten the sweet plum undertones of this fragrance
  • Amber and vanilla highlights reinforce a sweet scent profile, while earthy amber balances the overall aroma
  • Luxurious and warm, this scent is ideal for the cozy winter months

    Lavender scent profile:

    • Soothing and earthy sweet lavender fills a room without overwhelming
    • Relaxing and focusing 

    Peppermint & Eucalyptus scent profile:

    • A unique and refreshing blend of sweet peppermint and herbal eucalyptus creates a memorable and long lasting fragrance
    • Warm and inviting without overpowering, this fresh scent is perfect for bringing the holidays into any space

    Sea Salt & Orchid scent profile:

    • Calming and smooth blend of floral highlights with salty notes
    • Soft and sweet

      Winter Spruce scent profile: 

      • An elevated twist on the classic Christmas tree fragrance, Winter Spruce is fresh and crisp - enhanced by base notes of spearmint and citrus
      • Fragrant and long lasting, this scent captures the spirit of the holidays

      Lifetime - 

      Reed Diffuser: 4 months

      16 oz candle: 90-100 hours

      For best candle burn and longest life we recommend burning for between 1 and 3 hours at a time. For maximum reed diffuser efficacy, we recommend flipping the reeds every 1-2 weeks and keeping it in a smaller space like a bathroom, desk, etc.