Wax Pack - Small (8oz) DIY Candle Refill Kit
Wax Pack - Small (8oz) DIY Candle Refill Kit
Wax Pack - Small (8oz) DIY Candle Refill Kit
Queer Candle Co.

Wax Pack - Small (8oz) DIY Candle Refill Kit

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Back for more? Your favorite QCC candles can be refilled over and over!

Use this Wax Pack to refill your small (8oz) jars. This kit should be used along with the materials provided in the Starter Kit.

This kit includes:

  • pre-scented wax
  • wick + sticker
  • warning label

Required, but not included:

  • burned down QCC candle jar
  • metal wick bar (included in Starter Pack)
  • pouring pitcher  (included in Starter Pack)
  • wooden spoon  (included in Starter Pack)
  • safe cooktop and pouring area
  • pot or saucepan (at least 2qt)
  • rag/paper towel
  • metal spoon
  • access to hot and cold water

This kit is for your small 8oz jars. Head over to this listing, Wax Pack - Large (16oz) DIY Candle Refill Kit, to find a kit to fill your larger jars!

If you're not sure what size your jar is, send us an email - queercandleco@gmail.com.

Refill kits are only approved for use in your 8 oz. or 16 oz. QCC jars (not your QCC thrifted containers or any other vessel). If used in a non approved vessel, we cannot guarantee candle performance or safety.